Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket – Insulated Thermal Reflective Tarp – 60″ x 82″. All-Weather, Reusable Emergency Blanket for Car or Camping. Thermal Barrier Blocks Infrared Signature

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Arcturus. Born in the Pacific Northwest.

We’re Arcturus, an outdoor company from Washington State. We know a few things about cold, wet weather, and that’s why we developed our line of all weather, survival blankets. It is a must have for hikers, campers and boaters. This lightweight blanket features a strong nylon outer layer coupled with an aluminum reflective layer on the inside. The aluminum side reflects up to 90% of body heat. This blanket comes in its own carry bag and weighs only 1 lb, measuring 5′ x 7′ when fully deployed. Our extra large survival blanket weighs 3.6 lbs and measures 8.5′ x 12′ when fully deployed.

Designed to Provide You With Protection When You Need It Most

Reflects Heat Reflects Heat

Windproof Windproof

Water Proof Water Proof

Multi-Use Multi-Use

The aluminum side of the blanket can be used to reflect heat, create a radiant barrier or signal for help. The other side is made of a durable nylon which can be used as a blanket, tarp or shelter when camping, hunting, backpacking or boating. Keep one in the trunk of your car as part of your survival or winter kit.

All four corners have reinforced grommets that it can be staked to the ground or strung up to create an overhead shelter.

Dramatically Reduce Your Infrared Signature

IR infrared blocking arcturus survival blanket emergency thermal protection IR infrared blocking arcturus survival blanket emergency thermal protection

This blanket is designed to reflect heat, and by doing so, it also temporarily blocks your infrared heat signature, providing camouflage in the IR spectrum. Adding brush or a ghillie blanket on top will further reduce your heat signature while breaking up your profile.

Survival Blanket XL comparison Survival Blanket XL comparison


Measuring at 8.5′ x 12′ when fully deployed, this is the Granddaddy to our standard-size survival blanket with the same legendary quality.

Weighing in at 3.6 pounds, the XL survival blanket has 10 reinforced grommets for easy tie down when used as a tarp or shelter.

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Arcturus Reusable Rain Poncho Arcturus Wool Blanket Arcturus XL Heavy Duty Survival Blanket
Size 54″ wide x 48″ long 64″ x 88″ 60″ x 82″
Available Colors 6 3 1

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