Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner


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Coleman Coleman

Key Features

PerfectFlow PerfectFlow

PerfectHeat PerfectHeat

Wind Block Wind Block

Adjustable Burner Adjustable Burner


Pressure control technology keeps the heat steady for consistent performance, even in cold weather, high altitudes, or when fuel is low.


It facilitates a more complete fuel combustion process, delivering more effective cooking heat to your food with less fuel.

Wind Block

Side panels shield burners from wind, can be adjusted to fit larger pans, and fold down for use as side tables on calmer days.

Adjustable Burner

A rotating dial lets you control burners for precise temperature control.

About the Brand About the Brand

About the Brand

Coleman helps people make fun memories by providing the lighting, stoves, coolers, tents, sleeping bags, and camping tools integral to their favorite outdoor experiences.

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