Carpathen Campfire Roasting Sticks for Marshmallow and Hot Dog – Set of 6 Telescopic Smores Skewers Extra Long Heavy Duty Forks for Fire Pit & Fireplace – Camping Grill Accessories


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How we got our start?

We are Veronica and Adrian, outdoor enthusiasts. Whether we are scaling mountains or frolicking through waves on the beach, we think there is no better feeling than being connected with nature. We quickly came to know that the right tools could really enhance the amazing outdoor experience.

What makes our product unique?

Being a small family business, we take part in everything from product development, personally testing the products, naming them, and even packaging design and this is something we are proud of! You can trust you will receive a product that was carefully designed and tested by us.

Why we love what we do?

CARPATHEN was born from our dream to have a company where we would treat our customers like our friends and offer them exactly the products and quality service we would benefit from. We have the world’s greatest customer care by treating you as part of our family. Try us!

Product Description

marshmallow campfire roasting sticks marshmallow campfire roasting sticks


Thrill to the memories you’ll make as you and your family or friends sit and relax by an enchanting fire, with one thought on your mind: roasting the PERFECT marshmallow! There’s an art to it. And that means you shouldn’t settle for twigs, wire hangers, or anything else you’d improvise with.

You’ll want to go with nothing less than the PERFECT Marshmallows Roasting Sticks. And that’s what These Are!


Ready To Roast – Forget about wandering in the woods, clumsy chopping for a decent roasting stick and all that waiting time until you finally can enjoy the moments around the fire. How about just going straight to the fun part of roasting?

Extend To Your Desired Length – These sticks telescope pretty much like a radio antenna from 10 to 34 inches so you can Kick-Back and Relax at a safe distance.

Rotating Forks – Is there any way that we could made this even easier for you? The fork can be rotated independently from handle with just two fingers on the colored plastic ring.

Natural Wood Handles – Soft and pleasant to touch, they are not painted so there’s no tear-off risk, regardless the conditions.


Stay Safe of Getting Burnt – The heat is not conducted through the rod so it will not get hot further than the top. This will keep safe your kid’s delicate finger away from an accidental burn.

6 Different Ring Colors – Having your own color is a must, especially where there are two more kids. No more fighting for who took who’s. Also helpful if you would not want to use a fork for marshmallows after the sausage.

Easy to Clean, Store & Travel With – All you need is a wet cloth and a little soap. Wipe easily, retract and place them back in the zippered bag within seconds. Compact and easy to store & carry, they are now ready for the next roasting adventure.

Marshmallows Sticks Camping Gifts Sweet Treats Marshmallows Sticks Camping Gifts Sweet Treats

Your experience with the products is our guideline.

Thousands of customers are already enjoying our premium roasting sticks. What they usually share about their personal experience is “I love these!, “Brilliant design!”, “Campfire lovers dream!” or simply “Five stars”.

We want you to be one of these happy people, so our products will always be there to meet your needs.

“A Handy Guide to an Amazing Roasting Experience”

Curious about how to roast the perfect marshmallow, make inventive hot dog creations or what’s a “Chick-a-roni”?

Get inspired by our e-book (digital format), with 10 easy but very ingenious campfire recipes that you’ll get as a gift once you’ve made your purchase.

Wonder how to easily surprise your friends?

Packed in a nice box, these amazing sticks come accompanied by a cute zippered storage pouch.

For constantly campers and bonfire lovers, for kids that love sweet treats, girls and boys scouts, for wonderful birthday parties and magical weddings, this super cute rotating marshmallow roaster set will make everyone smile.

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