Scientific American Reveals First-Ever White House Endorsement in Its 175-Year History

Scientific American Reveals First-Ever White House Endorsement in Its 175-Year History

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Scientific American, a 175-year-old popular science magazine, is throwing its support behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

The publication’s decision to back Biden marks the first-ever White House endorsement in the magazine’s history.

The editors wrote for the October issue they felt “compelled” to endorse Biden and pointed to Trump’s failed coronavirus response and environmental policies as reasons behind their decision.

“The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people — because he rejects evidence and science,” the editors said.

They encouraged readers to vote for Biden because he “is offering fact-based plans to protect our health, our economy and the environment.”

The editors argued Trump’s “rejection of evidence and public health measures” have been disastrous for the nation.

They cited the president’s interview with journalist Bob Woodward when he indicated he wanted to downplay the outbreak.

“His lies encouraged people to engage in risky behavior, spreading the virus further, and have driven wedges between Americans who take the threat seriously and those who believe Trump’s falsehoods,” the editors wrote.

They noted his attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without providing an alternative.

According to the editors, Trump has proposed billion-dollar cuts to scientific agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They accused Trump of harming preparations for climate change by claiming it does not exist and pulling out of international agreements to help mitigate the effects of it.

“Joe Biden, in contrast, comes prepared with plans to control COVID-19, improve health care, reduce carbon emissions and restore the role of legitimate science in policy making,” the article reads.

It adds, “He solicits expertise and has turned that knowledge into solid policy proposals.”

The editors reiterated it is crucial to elect Biden “who has a record of following the data and being guided by science.”

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