Ron Johnson: Biden's “Vast Web of Connections” With Chinese Communist Party Are Huge National Security Threat

Ron Johnson: Biden's “Vast Web of Connections” With Chinese Communist Party Are Huge National Security Threat

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Sen. Ron Johnson told Maria Bartiromo on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that the media and law enforcement are not doing their job when it comes to investigating allegations against Hunter Biden.

BARTIROMO: Yes, that is one of the most important parts of this scandal, the fact that the mainstream media and social media are hiding information from the American public about payments to a major presidential candidate’s son.

And they’re hiding that 16 days before the election. I agree with you.

Senator, I want you to connect the dots for us in terms of national security risks. That’s why you started this investigation in the first place, to check for any national security threats.

Are there national security threats?

JOHNSON: Well, remember, everybody just find the — the investigation, the false allegations against the Trump campaign was, can you imagine the national security threat, the threat of blackmail against a sitting president, if these connections are true?

Well, take whatever is alleged that was proven false against President Trump and multiply that by orders of magnitude of just what we have scratched the surface in terms of uncovering of this vast web of connections with Chinese nationals, ties to the China — the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army.

I said that our report can’t — or raised far more questions than it answered. This requires detailed investigations on the part of the Justice Department, on the part of the FBI, on the part of the media. And that’s not occurring.

So, why is this being covered up? Why is this not being talked about? This is a major news story, because, if you have all this — these vast webs, all these connections, this could be used as blackmail against a potential Biden presidency far in excess of anything that was ever alleged against Donald Trump.

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