Quarantine Protesters in Michigan Show Up with GUNS

Quarantine Protesters in Michigan Show Up with GUNS

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Show of hands: who has suddenly understood preppers? Uh huh. Who has suddenly understood the need to be “off the grid”? Okay. Who has suddenly understood so-called “gun nuts” who say the Second Amendment is to fight government tyranny? Ah. If you think government hasn’t been tyrannical, may I show you a couple of stories: Wisconsin police berate a mother and Dallas police issue a restraining order on a salon owner. Okay, bearing those stories in mind, here are people in Michigan protesting stay-at-home orders while carrying their (most-likely) legal firearms.

This is from an obvious anti-gun group. I don’t care, because a larger point needs to be made here. If it’s fear and intimidation for the PEOPLE to show up and protest while armed, what is it called when police offers show up to issue restraining orders or admonitions for paddle-boarding on the ocean, while armed? Think about it, don’t get back to me.

Run through government’s actions the last six weeks. Ignore COVID-19 for a second and look at the big picture. It’s a mental exercise that matters, work with me here.

Are you telling me the government hasn’t overstepped its bounds? Are you telling me putting people under house arrest for no good reason (the models are wrong y’all) and extending stay at home orders in some states despite COVID-19 being a dud, isn’t the perfect example of the exact government tyranny Second Amendment advocates have warned about?

People in Michigan protesting while armed isn’t a problem. What is a problem is police ignoring, if not stomping, all over the Constitution while taking orders from a government that is pissing all over the same Constitution.

The people should have more power than the government. That shouldn’t be a controversial statement.

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