Polls show propaganda is working to mislead Americans about coronavirus

Polls show propaganda is working to mislead Americans about coronavirus

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Polls are, for the most part, worthless. They may give an indicator of current sentiment, but their use as a way to feel the pulse of America is overblown. Nearly every poll is tilted in the direction of a bias whether it was intended or not. They can ask a question like, “Do you fear getting the coronavirus or economic repercussions more?” The responses would be very different than if they asked, “Which will have a greater impact, the coronavirus or the toll on the economy from the lockdown?”

Based on what we’re seeing in recent polls, most Americans are getting the questions wrong. I had to include the word “allegedly” in the title because polls run by leftist mainstream media are invariably tilted towards the desired outcome, so it’s possible that a majority of Americans really are viewing the various situations correctly but they’re being spun by the biased wording of the questions.

Most would argue that there is no “wrong” answer to these questions. That’s false. For example, the economic toll from the prolonged lockdown will definitely have a more substantial effect on this nation than the coronavirus itself. To be clear, there will be more deaths that can be directly attributed to the hardships caused by the destruction of our economy than the true death toll from the coronavirus. There are around 50,000 suicides per year in the United States. Suicide hotlines have seen a 338% increase in volume since the crisis began. Other factors like starvation and increased crime will lead to even more additional deaths due to the lockdown.

But it’s more than just polls that are wrong. The various narratives pushed by Democrats and their mainstream media proxies are making more people believe in the wrong approaches to handling this disease. The questionable constitutionality of mail-in voting can be debated, but what cannot reasonably be debated is whether mail-in voting will lead to more voter fraud. It will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t jibe with accepted narrative so efforts are being made to debunk this blatantly obvious notion.

And many people are buying into it.

The headline and Tweet by John Solomon may seem bad for Democrats, but the reality is more people are now supporting mail-in voting than oppose it. Even if we assume a large majority of Democrats support it, there would still need to be Republicans and Independents supporting it in order to get to the 47% mark with 42% opposed.

Support for Joe Biden is another narrative the left is pushing or obvious reasons that seems to be infecting many voters. He is leading in nearly every poll out there despite an undeniable drop of mental acuity. It isn’t just the spin by mainstream media driving this, though. The fact the Biden has been conspicuously hidden away with very few media appearances tells us that once the coronavirus is no longer sucking the air out of the newsrooms, he’ll be exposed and people will quickly change their minds.

The biggest example of people being manipulated into taking the “wrong” stance is the lockdown itself. This is one where being “wrong” is definitely up for debate, but I’m confident the evidence is on the side of the minority calling for the country to open back up for business so people can go back to work sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, most do not agree.

Polls are usually not worth the virtual paper they’re digitized on. But they do give us a view of sentiment, and unfortunately the propaganda seems to be working during the coronavirus crisis to point many Americans in the wrong direction.

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