Pandemic disruptions indirectly killed 75,000 more Americans than reported, study says

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About 225,000 more Americans died between March and July during the pandemic — a 20% jump from previous years, a new study out of Virginia says. Of those excess deaths, just 67%, or about 150,500 people, were a direct result of COVID-19. Comment: If that’s even the correct number given all the inflated numbers that hospitals have been known to put out to fluff up the “threat”. This means that nearly 75,000 more people may have indirectly died from the coronavirus pandemic than official death counts reported in that time, researchers with the Virginia Commonwealth University said. These include people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, dementia and heart disease who could not receive the medical care they needed or emotional crises that led to drug overdoses or suicides, according to the paper published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The gap between official and unexpected deaths could also be explained by delays in reporting COVID-19 fatalities,…

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