Orthodox Christian Russia has a message for Black Lives Matter [Video]

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The Second American Civil War “Blue” Side includes Black Lives Matter. One of our earlier pieces noted that BLM supports everything is against Christianity, that it is in fact, an anti Christian organization. This has aroused a very strong reaction from one of the last remaining Christian nations on Earth, Orthodox Christian Russia. The Russians have a very clear and definite response, and some Americans living in Russia have begun to articulate that response as American Orthodox Christians with great strength. The Duran itself is led by British and American Orthodox Christians living in Russia, Cyprus and England, and, especially in Russia, we are able to give a clear-eyed view of the situation in America, since we are outside the fishbowl of American media, and because our proximity to a very strong, resurgent Church helps us see the situation in the States through hopefully a more accurate and discerning spiritual eye.

Dr Steven Turley makes note of this in the video included below. In particular, he calls attention to of of Russia’s newest and grandest church edifices, the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, which was just recently consecrated into service. In his video we see some scenes from the Patriarchal Divine Liturgy that was celebrated at the Cathedral’s consecration. We also offer the full video for this event for anyone who wishes to see it.

An upcoming documentary mini-series from Russia’s Zvezda TV network goes into great detail about the Cathedral and about the Road of Memories, a 1,418 step interactive museum where WWII (the Great Patriotic War in Russia) is brought to life. Every single participant, numbering 300 million, is named in this place. The Minister of Defense, General Sergey Shoigu, forcefully notes that in this place, history as it happened will be preserved. At several points during the series the reference to historical monuments being torn down rises, and with the US in particular making news every day with a new report of history being erased, whitewashed, it is very clear that the Russians have a message for the Western world: You can do whatever you want, but do not even THINK of coming here and trying that nonsense. Russia and her people will not have it.

I know about this series because I edited the English translation for Zvezda TV. As soon as it is public it will be presented here on The Duran as well.

The notion that cultural Marxists like Black Lives Matter should be given the right to go after any aspects of traditional culture is wrong. To let them essentially blaspheme Christ is insane. This is why Father Joseph Gleason, an American Orthodox priest who moved with his wife and eight children to Rostov-the-Great, spoke out forcefully on his site, Russian Faith:

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist, Marxist organization which promotes abortion and homosexuality. This wicked group was founded by lesbian feminists, and has received tens of millions of dollars in funding from the atheist George Soros.

To support Black Lives Matter is to turn away from Christ, and rejection of Christ makes a person unworthy to take Holy Communion.

Priest Joseph Gleason, in Velikiy Rostov.

Therefore, as a priest in the Orthodox Church, it is my duty to ban all members of Black Lives Matter from receiving Communion. I will not desecrate the precious Body and Blood of Christ, by allowing it to touch the unclean lips of those who are members of that satanic organization.

If you are willing to renounce that organization, and to cancel your membership in that group, then you can come to confession. You can be absolved of the sin you committed by joining Black Lives Matter. After that, you can take Holy Communion. After — not before. Until you demonstrate repentance, you will not receive the Eucharist.

Black Lives Matter is rotten to the core, and has been since the moment it began. This can be demonstrated by considering the founders of the movement, the activities of the organization, and the published statements on the group’s website.

Father Joseph is the first such priest I have heard from to go public in a big way. His report reached over 24,000 readers, so someone is paying attention.

The nature of the Second Civil War in America is unusual. It will not be won with bullets, at least not bullets alone. It will be won through nothing less than massive repentance, where people realize the error of liberalism and Marxism and return to their roots. There is evidence that this is possible – the Mayor of Seattle, as liberal as she is, admitted that the police need to go and retake the CHOP zone from its anarchist leftists that took over it, terrorizing residents lives while smoking pot, destroying property that is not theirs and replacing law and order with a warlord rapper. However, the real crux of the Civil War now is not racism, it is nothing less than a direct attack against Christianity itself, its principles and most of all, Christ himself.

There is no way these forces can win, but they can cause as much destruction as they are allowed to as long as the rest of us do not take strong and uncomfortable stands against them.

The Consecration service of the Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces is shown in full below:


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