Order Following Contact Tracers: Tools For Enslavement

Order Following Contact Tracers: Tools For Enslavement

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Contact tracers are amassing. The “authorities” and the ruling class masters keep telling us we need to be tracked, traced, removed from our homes, separated, and enslaved to keep us safe. But anyone signing up to be a contact tracer had better be ready because some Americans are willing to fight back.

Dr. Ron Paul said it as clearly as alone: “Coronavirus contact tracers are the tools of dictatorship.”

Government always fails and every time they fail, they create bigger problems, amass more power, and fail even harder. Americans would be wise to wake up to just how much of their power they have willingly handed over to politicians for the illusion of safety.  “One at a time,” say Dr. Paul about waking up the sheep. Contact tracing has something to with health, says Dr. Paul. But it has to do with “the health of the state.”

Everyone I know says they won’t comply with any contact tracer being paid to forcibly remove people or test them for anything against their will.  Contact tracers, cops, and others trying to force the totalitarian new world order on people had better think hard about whether or not they want to go down this path.

If You Want To Be Free, Stop Complying With Tyranny

“I hope our side hurries up and reaches a lot more people,” says Dr. Paul.  I couldn’t agree more. People are waking up, but it’s taking a long time to break the chains of slavery that have been embedded in their minds since the day they were born.

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

Until we stand up against the government and the ruling class, we will never be free.  Tyrants will not willingly release those they’ve enslaved.  It’s up to us. No one in government is coming to save us.  They are all on the same side.  It’s time we realize we outnumber them and have the ability to stand together to defeat the last form of slavery for good.


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