Omega 3 only in healthy quantities from fresh fish?

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Made a post in /r/supplements, curious to see thoughts. I’m not in on the whole omega 3 craze, but I do eat sardines sometimes. I did omega 3 pills for awhile but they always made me iffy.

Realized I hadn’t gotten omega 3 in awhile, and had a lot of omega 6. My right diaphragm has been locked up for a month or so. Just hard getting that side to open up, including my nostril/sinuses. Had to dose myself for celiac testing, and usually my lungs also get a dosing with allergens and I have a harder time breathing. Sinuses sort of lock up, diaphragm gets lazy or unengagable, and so on.

Then I thought, studies out there pointing toward fish pills not being consistent, additional studies pointing toward oxidation from processing and storage with fish pills. Even with canned fish I found one study showing 30% oxidation. And no one yet knows what effect the oxidation has with fish pills or stored fish in warm places. At least I couldn’t find a study/meta that showed any confidence on the subject. At the very least it’s not positive.

Fish pill oxidation:

Bought some fresh salmon. The effect was within 10 minutes. It’s like what I feel fish pills should make you feel. Feel nice and light, less tension, but for me, more importantly, all my breathing airways opened up tremendously. Hard to explain, but tremendously is only way to describe tense breathing versus non-tense huge satisfying breaths.

edit: found something a little more alarming.

The loss of health beneficial ω-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA were minimum in cooked tuna followed by microwave heated tuna. Canning totally destroyed these fatty acids. In fried tuna, the losses of EPA and DHA were 70 and 85%, respectively.

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