Ode to Dionysus

O Dionysus, with thy crown of vine,
Whose laughter fills our hearts with joy divine.
In fields of gold and grapes, thy blessings found,
We hail thee, god of wine, with praises profound.

Upon the earth where fertile grains abound,
The bounty’s gifts in thee do well astound.
Thy nectar flows in goblets rich and fine,
With every sip, our spirits intertwine.

Oh, dance with us beneath the moon’s soft glow,
Where echoes of thy revels gently flow.
Let music’s sweet embrace our souls refine,
In joyous rites, we honor thee, divine.

Thy wisdom in the crimson rivers bright,
Inspires our hearts and banishes the blight.
Through vines that whisper secrets old and true,
In Dionysian lore, our lives renew.

To thee, in unity, we lift our cheer,
And celebrate the blessings of the year.
This hymn we weave ‘neath twilight’s gentle hue,
For Dionysus, bless our earthly muse.

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