No One Is Talking About The Plandemic Anymore

No One Is Talking About The Plandemic Anymore

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Instead of focusing on the tyranny of the lockdowns due to the scamdemic, people are focused on dividing themselves once again because the ruling class and mainstream media told them to. The modus operandi of governments and their mainstream media is lies, fear, and chaos.

Just like that, people forgot that the government scammed them out of their freedom and livelihoods using fear and a plandemic. No one is talking about this anymore. No one is talking about how the people who spent their lives in servitude to the state and voting for the master of their choice were destroyed by the very people they are loyal to.

Now that same government has been tellin you who to hate, who to fear, when to ignite chaos, and what everything means. Even those who KNOW the mainstream media (the liars for the ruling class) is using propaganda to bring to fruition all of the world’s elitists’ agendas at once, people are still falling for it. They need you to believe that you need them. They need you to believe that without their enslavement, you wouldn’t be able to live.  That’s the furthest thing fro the truth.  Because we don’t need them.  They need us.

The government and it’s “enforcers” the police are staging this entire event. Go to 9:45 in the video below to see who is responsible for the pallets of bricks just randomly laid out in all major cities. They WANT people to get violent so they can swoop in with martial law and put the chains around your neck permanently.

We can all live our lives outside of slavery and that’s what the ruling class (governments, elitists, mainstream media) hope you never realize. We will not have a world to leave to our children if we cannot move past allowing others to control and manipulate our minds.

Isn’t it fascinating how almost no one is talking about the scamdemic anymore? They are playing us.  It’s time to end their game by refusing to play. Get things sorted out in your own head and stop falling for their brainwashing. Use critical thinking and do some research.

This is what the ruling class elitists and their hired goons do. They need chaos in order to get people on board with their own enslavement. Again, stop falling for this!

We are running out of time. This is humanity’s last chance to stop the enslavement of mankind.

“This is mostly caused because of the idea of statism,” says Jeff Berwick. “This idea that you have this giant tyrannical authoritarian government with tons of guns, and they enforce whatever laws they want…but the police don’t protect you. They extort you and kidnap you and kill you.” It’s time to take care of yourself and stop relying on the ruling class. Become more self-sufficient, and take your power back. Break free and never let anyone control you or your loved ones again.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 2nd, 2020

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