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Zumwalt: How Stealth Destroyers Could Go ‘Hypersonic’

The US Navy could in the coming year arm its newish -class stealthy destroyers with hypersonic weapons – Will it take hypersonic missiles to make the Zumwalt-class of stealth destroyers relevant again? The , known for its unique shape for reducing radar signature, is being re-fitted for missile tubes that can accommodate hypersonic missiles. It was once considered a vessel that could sneak close to shore and deliver support for an amphibious landing, but the wants to utilize the destroyers for stand-off missile attacks in contested waters.

Replace the Big Guns for Hypersonics

The USS Zumwalt, the USS Michael Monsoor, and the USS Lyndon B. Johnson will get a major refit. The powerful over-the-horizon 155mm Advanced Gun Systems will be replaced. This means all associated components will be completely removed. The upper and lower gun rooms will no longer be on the ship. The loading facility and all the rounds stored for the

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