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“World War Three” Is About To Hit A New High

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World War Three

The war dogs have been unleashed, and many worry that as a result, our world will never be the same. Billions of people could perish if nuclear weapons are utilized at some point in the future

That is a situation we must avoid at all costs. Countless innocent civilians are still being slaughtered in as leaders on both sides play a dangerous game of global dominance. 

There would be a lot less military conflict around the world if the politicians who initiate wars were required to fight in them.

After all of that, allow me to provide you with an update on some recent events.

For days, violence has erupted in Jerusalem, and ABC News has admitted that Israel and Hamas may soon “return to war.”

Days of violence in Jerusalem and an overnight exchange of fire in Gaza have heightened the likelihood that Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers would go to

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