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Woodward Tied to Democrats

Woodward Tied to Democrats

Why is so popular with the leftist group ? Their endorsement is displayed on his website and on his mailings.

CVI is a Boise-based advocacy group for environmental issues, environmental justice and, among a few other  things, for changing the voting system for “expanded access”.  A stated aim is to elect candidates to public office who are in line with their agenda.

A short Internet search shows CVI’s clear ties to the Democratic Party: CVI is the Idaho state affiliate of the national League of Conservation Voters, the leftist, politically involved environmental advocacy group chaired by Carol Browner, former Clinton EPA Director, Obama’s “Climate Czar”, and past member of the Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society. She was on the founding board of the Center for American Progress, one of George Soros’s many groups that seek

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