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'Woke' Target Peddling 'Trans' Clothing to Teens

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness that compels a majority of those who suffer from it to want to kill themselves. Target is making that illness normal for young teens by selling them “trans” underwear. What could go wrong?

Target is peddling “binders” and “packers” for teen girls who believe they are boys. Binders are tops that conceal breasts. Packers are undershorts that do what you think; they make it look like a person is “packing” a penis.

PACK-O-RAMA! There are plenty of websites dedicated to “packing.” Not all of them are meant for women who want to be men.

Target has joined forces with a clothing brand called “TomboyX.” You can see the packers and binders here.

Some wokesters are happy to see Target sell underwear for gender-confused teens or perhaps teens who aren’t trans but are simply starved for attention, but not everyone on the left is happy

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