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Will There Be Enough Rope to Save Us

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I feel we will be looking back at yesterday, May 18, as the day we passed the point of no return. Domestically, internationally, and monetarily, the hammer came down and what remains is barely recognizable.

We could ask Karine to comment, but there is no page in her book with a vague enough answer for her to read. We are on our own to solve this conundrum.

Halfway around the world, we saw a portion of Ukraine fall into Russian control while one of their own confessed to murdering and committing war crimes against the Ukrainian people. At the same time, Finland and Sweden changed the make-up of Europe by applying for membership in NATO. Putin threatened to retaliate against such a strengthening of Europe, but that may be idle talk with his losses in Ukraine.

As 4:30 PM approached, we watched in fear and disgust as the closing

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