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Will Johnson exposes what the left calls “rights”

Will Johnson, the founder of Unite America First, is exposing the left’s hypocrisy again, this time over the pro-choice movement and also how the left says they are pro-woman rights yet have nothing to say about men in women’s sports – threatening their scholarship opportunities- and in bathrooms making them feel their privacy has been hindered and at times when men are replacing women- claiming they are women.

“What in the Hell is going on?  A Man is nominated for Woman of the Year- and all of a sudden they are for women’s rights,” Johnson said.

“They don’t want you saying pro-life, because that means it shows that they are pro-death,” Johnson said in a recent video.  “Death is what they want, but they don’t like the stain of that. The whole thing about defending Women’s rights is a lie and a way of confusing people.”

“They are pro-death. We

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