You are currently viewing Why the Soviet Union Crumbled | Russia Takes Revenge

Why the Soviet Union Crumbled | Russia Takes Revenge

In 1985, Mikhael Gorbachev became the eighth leader of the Soviet Union, which had stood since 1922—and dissolved just six years into his tenure. What happened by 1991 to end the enormous Communist union of republics? Prepare to tear down the wall with this look at the end of the Cold War.

This video is Episode 24 of the series Understanding Russia: A Cultural History, presented by Lynne Ann Hartnett. To learn more about Russian history, visit:

00:00 The Anticlimactic End of the Soviet Union
01:55 Brezhnev Falls Short on Promises to Soviets
05:51 USSR Fails to Live Up to Bolshevik Expectations
09:31 Gorbachev Attempts to Revive Soviet Economy
14:04 Gorbachev’s Popularity Declines
17:49 Era of the USSR Comes to an End
21:50 Putin Plucked from Obscurity to Become President
24:36 Putin Revives Traditional Russian Ideals

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