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Why Is an Entire Generation Ignorant of Cell Biology? 


Twenty years ago, I changed careers from management at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to teach science to high school students. As cliché as it may sound, I teach to make a difference. That is why I am compelled to tell you a story — a not-so-sexy story with an outsized impact on society.

In Jeffrey Tucker’s piece ‘Choice Quotes from Bill Gates’s New Book,’ Tucker writes: “The less exposed a population is to a mostly mild pathogen, the more vulnerable they are in the future to more severe outcomes. Please don’t get bored with this review because you already know this. It is taught to everyone in 9th grade biology class. And there’s no sense in repeating this here, much less explaining the basics of human immunology.” 

Unfortunately, we can longer assume that our public-educated citizens are capable of informed decisions about anything to do with human immunology

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