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Why Do Democrats Hate Babies?

Mothers across America can’t find baby formula for their infants and the democrat party hasn’t been acting like it’s an emergency at all.

It’s only because of the constant coverage of the problem by the conservative media that has finally moved The White House to pretend they are doing something about it.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki told a reporter on Thursday, when asked what took them so long to respond, that they HAVE been working on supply issues and engaging with the FDA. They just haven’t been broadcasting is. 

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Geez. That’s even worse. It’s been three months since the closing of Abbott Nutrition and what have the democrats accomplished? Nothing. It’s another FUBAR result of ineptness, inefficiency and idiots who don’t know what they are doing. 

The lawmakers in the House aren’t taking things seriously either. They will be having a hearing about the

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