You are currently viewing “What Happened To Her Face?”: 63-Year Old Madonna Horrifies With Post-Op Video On Social Media, Gets Thrashed

“What Happened To Her Face?”: 63-Year Old Madonna Horrifies With Post-Op Video On Social Media, Gets Thrashed

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The aged pop icon Madonna isn’t averse to trending on the cultural airwaves. In her prime, she was singing songs about virginity and dancing about as provocatively as one can (Wikipedia simply referred to it as a lot of “humping”). She would later make out with a much younger Britney Spears at another live music awards performance. Heck, this is a woman with one name. She will do anything to stand out.

Of course, none of those moves weren’t bad per se; they were simply edgy and attention seeking. Now, though, with the star-power flame long since faded to embers, Madonna will do anything she can to remain relevant. 

It is hard to set this video up properly. I gave away the spoiler – that this is Madonna – but my gosh, she ruined her face. Would you have guessed it was her? One Twitter comment asked if she walked into a fire, and honestly, her face does look like it might have melted a bit. It’s certainly no better than that one guy from Indiana Jones.

Here is one of the most uncomfortable videos you’ll see of a grandmother:

This is Madonna

The coming mental health crisis is going to shock our nation

— SETH WEATHERS (@sethweathers) April 4, 2022

Suffice to say, that video is grotesque. Who does she think she’s impressing? Does she think she looks attractive? My gosh, it is just awful.

The music. The forehead. Those eyes. The plastic skin. The ponytails. The lips. She’s a monster. 

Like I said, social media had a lot of comments and questions, just like I do. Some are honest, poignant, some are a little mean, and some are just funny. Here’s the rule on social media, though: If you willingly post something like that, then any feedback is fairplay. If Madonna didn’t want to get roasted about her hideous new face, then she shouldn’t have tossed this out there for the world to see.

“If you’re old, just look old. It’s okay. You aren’t going to fool anyone and the only other option is to

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