You are currently viewing What Does it Mean to Develop Your “Brand”? | Interior Decorating with Jonathan Adler

What Does it Mean to Develop Your “Brand”? | Interior Decorating with Jonathan Adler

Learn how to develop your "personal brand" with this fun exercise—name an adjective, a location, and an occupation (or lifestyle). Are you a studious southwestern accountant? Do you want to be a fashionable East Coast chef? By picturing rooms like these, you’ll be well on your way to creating living spaces that reflect who you are!

This video is episode four from the series Decorating Like a Designer, presented by Jonathan Adler. To learn more about decorating and design, visit

00:00 Branding as Self-Improvement
04:25 Jonathan Adler’s Branding Evolution
08:41 Adler’s Design Inspirations
12:16 A Good Branding Exercise
14:57 How Your Brand Guides Your Design
20:36 What Is Glamour?
23:14 The Ultimate Goal of Design

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