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West Coast, Messed Coast™ Report – Lyin' and Hidin' Edition

Greetings, West Coast, Messed Coasters™. In this Friday the 13th edition, I lead off with the discovery of a mound of documents proving the existence of MK-Ultra-like experiments on Washington state prisoners some 50 years ago. But the question is why current COVID-19 dictator Jay Inslee suppressed them in 2021. Let’s see if you come up with the right answer.

Former Freedom Foundation activist Glen Morgan, on his “We the Governed” YouTube channel, received the documents via a whistleblower. They show that a collection of mad scientists, some from a pharmaceutical company, conducted experiments on prisoners using a chemical warfare agent called Ditran. According to Morgan, the heavily redacted documents revealed prisoners who were forced to comply suffered psychotic episodes, amnesia, and other bad effects.

The theme of subjecting prisoners, mental patients, CIA assets, and others to such medical experimentation, sadly, is not new. But Morgan reports the real story

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