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We Need to Stop Romanticizing Tech

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Hi friends! Today I am having a really honest conversation with you about why we need to stop romanticizing tech. And I am guilty of this as well!! I hope you enjoy it!

0:00 Confession: I romanticize tech
2:25 Froala Editor
4:00 The highs and lows of tech
5:35 Some days are tough
6:08 The danger of taking on the identity of the company you work for
7:26 Making high 6-figures right out of school
8:40 Question what content you consume
10:00 Wrap up on my thoughts

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// My Story

I am currently a software developer who once modeled and thought I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. While I was modeling in Hong Kong, I eventually felt the desire to further my education. I decided to depart the modeling world and move back to Canada, knowing that could be the end of my modeling opportunities. I attended Ryerson University for GCM (Graphic Communications Management), as I thought I might still work in the fashion industry in another capacity. It was in my last year of university, I was introduced to a very basic coding course. I instantly fell in love. From there I knew I wanted to pursue software development but didn’t have a clue where to start. I didn’t want to go back to university as I just completed a four-year degree. I decided to enroll in a 10-week intensive coding Bootcamp. From there I started working at a small startup learning and growing my technical and soft skills. I then transitioned to a larger company where I am a software developer and technical consultant today.

We Need to Stop Romanticizing Tech


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