You are currently viewing ‘We Are Coming for You’: Senator Threatens Australia’s Corrupt Leaders Perpetrating Covid “Vaccine” Murders

‘We Are Coming for You’: Senator Threatens Australia’s Corrupt Leaders Perpetrating Covid “Vaccine” Murders

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Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts warned his country’s corrupt leaders “running a protection racket for the pharmaceutical industry” that he “won’t let them get away with it.” The One Nation Senator is demanding a Royal Commission for the victims of the Covid “vaccine.” “All of you who have perpetrated this crime—I direct one question: how the hell do you expect to get away with it?”

“The evidence continues to mount that these vaccines do not deserve the continuing provisional approval given to them by the government’s Department of Health,” explains Senator Robert. “Concerns about possible adverse side effects are too big to ignore any longer.”

Watch Senator Roberts’s powerful speech on March 30, 2022, at the Australian Parliament:


As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, tonight, I’m speaking on this parliament’s therapeutic response to COVID-19 and the horrific medical harm and loss of life in that response. Last week, leading Australian parliamentarians came together in an event I organized called COVID Under Question to present documented evidence and victim testimony proving a catastrophic failure of Australia’s regulatory framework.

COVID vaccine injuries are hidden behind anonymous government data, while supposed COVID virus harm is splashed across prime time. The very least we can do for the victims of COVID vaccines is to say their names—victims like Caitlin Georgia Gotze, a healthy and vibrant 23-year-old studying at Griffith University to become a vet while working as a horse strapped. Caitlin dropped dead at work of a heart attack following a second Pfizer shot. Her death was recorded as asthma, a condition Caitlin had never had. Reginald Shearer, a formerly healthy, fit, and active man, quickly went downhill and passed away from effects that began after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Daniel Perkins, a 36-year-old healthy father from Albion Park, died of a heart attack in his sleep following his second Pfizer injection. Douglas James Roberts died after taking AstraZeneca. His family is concerned that his GP didn’t warn him of the side effects of the vaccine. In other words, no informed consent was obtained. Neurosurgeons at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s

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