You are currently viewing WATCH hilarious comics impersonate Kamala, Jill, Nancy, more

WATCH hilarious comics impersonate Kamala, Jill, Nancy, more

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Not much to laugh at in Washington these days, is there?

Democrats are demanding the killing of innocent unborns virtually at will.

Ukraine is on fire, from Russia’s civilian-killing war machine.

Infant formula is in short supply.

Inflation is costing Americans an arm and a leg. The future of COVID lockdowns remains uncertain and leftists are trying to engineer a takeover of all elections, after 2020 turned out so well for them.

Being corrupt seems to be a job requirement, and protesters are attacking the Supreme Court justices in the privacy of their own homes.

But actually, there are some lighter points.

Including impersonators The Rachel Maria and Shawn Farash, whose schtick includes impersonations of President Trump.

Maria puts in a lot of effort with makeup and costume changes, and catches the essence of her targets with ease.

As Kamala Harris, she cackles that same grating laugh for which the real Harris is famous.

“This is the last

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