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Vernon Coleman: The Conspirators Are Starving the World

from 21st Century Wire:

Dr Vernon Coleman 
21st Century Wire

The ‘designer’ war that the conspirators arranged to be fought in Ukraine is going according to their evil plan.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the main aim of this war is to bring about the deaths of hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia.

Already, 20 countries are (according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation) now officially facing a critical food emergency or already in a catastrophic situation. Those 20 countries are heading for serious starvation and mass deaths.


The World Food Price index has reached a record high (and is worse than it was in the 1970s when there was a global commodities crisis). Essential foods have gone up 23% and are still rising.

Countries which have enough food are locking their cupboards to protect their own supplies. Indonesia has prohibited

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