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VeggieTales co-creator Phil Vischer compares Florida anti-grooming law to racial segregation

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Wed Mar 30, 2022 – 3:42 pm EDT

(LifeSiteNews) — One of the creators of one of the most popular Christian children’s entertainment properties suggested this week that a new Florida law banning sexual proselytizing in K-3 public education was animated by a similar impulse to that which sustained racial segregation generations ago.

During a recent podcast, VeggieTales co-creator Phil Vischer discussed the Sunshine State’s newly-enacted Parental Rights in Education law, which bans schools from teaching children in kindergarten through third grade about transgenderism and other sexuality-related issues, limits discussions of sexuality for older children to “age appropriate” content, and requires parents to be informed of any changes that could affect their child’s physical, emotional, or mental well-being.

Left-wing activists and their media allies have misleadingly dubbed the law the “Don’t-Say-Gay Bill,” framing it as a hateful attack on LGBT teachers and students and scoffing at the notion that it tackles a real problem, despite examples of teachers engaging in LGBT activism in the classroom.

As highlighted by Woke Preacher Clips, a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting examples of “theology at the intersection of woke and cringe,” Vischer said during the podcast that the “only thing that would compare” to the controversy over exposure of children to LGBT content “goes back to race, when you had people honestly arguing in some parts of the south, that ‘my religion teaches the races must be kept separate, and now the government is wanting to put the races together.’ This is a huge impasse.”

“And since then, we have for most of American history, Judeo-Christian ethics have kind of informed public policy and public ethics,” he continued. “We’re definitely at a crossroads where Judeo-Christian ethics, if you hold to a traditional Judeo-Christian sexual ethic, you are out of step with public ethics and how that plays out in public schools and in public settings is going to be increasingly contentious, and will lead more people to homeschooling and more people to private schools, and if there’s lawsuits flying around, more teachers to say, ‘this isn’t worth it, I’m out

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