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“Vaccine” Sales Plummet – Expected To “Rebound Later This Year”

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People have had enough of the injections and vaccine sales have plummeted. But big pharma’s sales of the “vaccines” are expected to “rebound later this year.” We all know what that means…

Fierce Pharma warned that when Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday that it would not project COVID-19 vaccine sales for this year, citing a “global supply surplus” and “vaccine hesitancy,” the news sent a rumble through Wall Street that COVID vaccine sales could drop considerably this year as the world tries to shift from the pandemic to an endemic stage. But the ruling class has something up their sleeves because the “experts” are expecting vaccine sales to “rebound later this year.”

Are they planning to “release” or propagate another variant that you’ll need a shot for? Perhaps. Only time will tell. Maybe they just hope

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