You are currently viewing Use PineAP to Create Rogue WiFi Networks (KARMA on the WiFi Pineapple)

Use PineAP to Create Rogue WiFi Networks (KARMA on the WiFi Pineapple)

On this episode of HakByte, @Alex Lynd demonstrates how to use the PineAP module on the WiFi Pineapple to run a KARMA WiFi Attack. This allows an attacker to trick your WiFi device into connecting to a malicious access point, by spoofing networks its connected to before.
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Intro @Alex Lynd 00:00
What is the WiFi Pineapple? 00:17
What are KARMA Attacks? 00:39
What You’ll Need 00:58
Connecting your Pineapple 01:18
PineAP Interface 02:01
How PineAP Works 03:12
Using the Scanners 03:51
KARMA Attack Requirements 06:45
Broadcasting Open Networks 07:14
Setting up Filters 08:44
Deauthing our Victim 09:37
KARMA Attack Demo 10:18
MITM & WiFi Radios 10:53
Attack Implications 11:45
Mitigating KARMA 12:14
Outro 12:38

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