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Unvaccinated Australians can't leave Australia — unless they escape

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Welcome to Prison Australia where unvaccinated citizens are not able to leave. (And Canadians thought they were the only ones). If your best friend is getting married in Madagascar, the Africans will let you fly in, but you can’t go because Australia won’t let you out.

Australians who are unvaccinated or not-jabbed-enough can apply for permission to leave. But unless you need foreign medical care, live or work overseas, or are flying in the “national interest” (meaning you’re a politician) you may not qualify. Trips need to be “longer than three months” for no good reason I can think of, except that it stops most holidayers. Which is obviously the point.

People may get an exemption if they need to work overseas. Which is fine if your boss wants to send you to conventions in the Greek Islands but you can’t take the wife and kids unless she owns the company, and the kids are your employees. Otherwise, there’s no pleasure cruises for the unjabbed peasants from Oz.

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Unvaccinated Australians who want to leave pretty much have to escape

We can always drive to Broome. We might find an Indonesian fishing boat and get a lift back the other way, in a kind of reverse boat-people maneuver. With luck, Australian-boat-people might be able to apply for political asylum in Bali. But will Indonesia accept them? Otherwise it’s only 150 kilometers from the top end of Queensland to Papua New Guinea. It’s possible to swim or paddle across the

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