You are currently viewing Ukrainian War Update: NATO Flexes Its Muscles

Ukrainian War Update: NATO Flexes Its Muscles

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NATO is mounting massive war games as a message to the Russians. They best take heed or their next failed gambit will hit much closer to home.


Troops from NATO and its European allies are preparing military exercises that the UK is calling one of the biggest maneuvers since the Cold War.

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The exercises will take place in Finland, Poland, North Macedonia and along the Estonian-Latvian border. They will include troops from NATO and the Joint Expeditionary Force, which includes non-NATO members Finland and Sweden.

“The security of Europe has never been more important,” U.K. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said Friday. “These exercises will see our troops join forces with allies and partners across NATO and the Joint Expeditionary Force in a show of solidarity and strength in one of the largest shared deployments since the Cold War.”

British Commander Field Army Lieutenant

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