UK Finance Under Scrutiny | Two Years On… | Anniversary of George Floyd

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Anniversary of George Floyd | Two Years On… | UK Finance Under Scrutiny

Episode 1 | Context

In May 2020 the world was shocked by the tragic killing of George Floyd.

The protests, the stories, the demands for change that followed, weren’t just aimed at the police or authorities. Instead, individuals, businesses, industries and institutions were all asked to take a long hard look at themselves, and acknowledge the centuries old inequalities, discrimination, lack of representation and issues that ethnic minorities faced, not just in America, but across the globe.

The UK quickly became one of the many countries under great scrutiny, and particularly in its financial services industry. But why the focus on finance?

In this three-part special series, Real Vision’s Roger Hirst is joined by Michael Barrington Hibbert, on the two year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, to discuss why the UK finance industry came under such scrutiny, what progress has been made, and the next steps.

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