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Trump Speaks at CPAC Hungary

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump has described how his country is facing the issues of “socialism” and “communism” in his surprise address to CPAC Hungary.

In a surprise address to the conservative CPAC conference taking place in Hungary on Friday, former U.S. President Donald Trump described how both his nation and the world were facing the issues of “socialism” and “communism”.

Trump also took the opportunity to praise Viktor Orbán, the political leader of the host nation, who had addressed the conference only the day before.

In a video message shown at CPAC Hungary, the 45th President of the United States lauded Orbán as a “good man and he’s done a fantastic job for his country”, lauding the Hungarian leader’s win as a “very big election result”.

The former President also emphasised the similar aims that he and Orbán hold, noting that they were both committed to fighting

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