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Trump Describes How He’d Stop and Reverse Biden’s Agenda

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Former President Donald Trump, in a thoughtful, wide-ranging interview with Just the News, exposed how he’d take down the Biden agenda, explaining his plan for stopping and then reversing the radical left and its horribly deleterious policies.

First, describing how he’d bring the leftist agenda to a screeching halt, Trump focused on the 2022 midterms, saying:

When I watch to see what’s happening, it’s very, very sad. I mean, our country is being destroyed by these people. The border is a disaster. [We are] no longer respected. They don’t respect our leader at all. They don’t respect Biden at all.

“It’s so sad to see what’s happened to our great USA. But we can come back. I think these midterms are vital, just vital…These elections are going to be absolutely critical for this country.”

Indeed. Before anything Biden and his team of leftist radicals are doing can be reversed, the crazy train of far-left policies must be stopped.

Winning control over at least one piece of the legislature is highly important toward that end, something that the GOP can’t forget, so Trump is right to focus on it: only by being able to stop any bills he wants to be passed and throwing roadblocks such as impeachment in his way can the leftists be stopped.

But just controlling the legislature isn’t all that needs to be done: it also needs to be controlled by the right people. Speaking on that, Trump said:

I think the House is in great shape. I think the Senate is hurt badly by Mitch McConnell, very badly. I think he’s terrible. He’s also terrible for our

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