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There’s Proof! Garland Lied – He Opened Probes on Parents

There is smoking gun proof from several whistleblowers that Merrick Garland opened investigations on innocent parents questioning mask mandates at Board meetings. He actually opened FBI investigations on moms and dads for disagreeing with their tyrannical board members. Not only that. This is also proof that our Attorney General is a liar.

Schools forced children to wear masks when it was totally unnecessary, and long after it was unnecessary. Healthy children were treated as if they were little bacteria running loose. It hurt the education of many children.

It’s even worse than that. If you will remember, parents started attending board meetings angry about mask mandates and CRT. Then Merrick Garland issued threatening decrees to parents who expressed their anger at board meetings.

We found out in November last year that Garland was actually investigating parents. He thinks he’s Lavrentiy Beria and this is Stalin’s

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