You are currently viewing The UN has CONFIRMED The Great Reset…

The UN has CONFIRMED The Great Reset…

The UN has CONFIRMED The Great Reset. As you will see right when you click on this video, the UN announced their partnership with the Klaus Schwab & the WEF back in 2019. What does this mean? How will this accelerate the Great Reset agenda? How does this fit into the UN’s 2030 Agenda? Why did the UN partner with the WEF? Was it to be the muscle behind the Great Reset?

0:00 intro
1:23 The UN’s role
3:00 What is digital cooperation?
5:47 Why the aggressive push now?
7:17 The other partners

Great Reset’s NEW Terrifying Goals for 2030

Elon Musk: A Friend or a Foe to the Great Reset?

The Great Reset is Coming for our Kids

Great Reset’s Secret Weapon UNLEASHED…

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