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The Story of Knights | Wondrium Perspectives

We’ve all heard legends, seen paintings, and watched movies about knights, but just how much has their story been dramatized for the sake of entertainment? What role did knights actually play in history? In this episode of Perspectives, you’ll hear from several experts who cover knights’ battlefield dominance, their behavior, and several of their orders. Finally, the experts wrap up by exposing the military changes that eventually ended the knights’ reign. It’s not always as glamorous as a Hollywood film.


Clips in this video are from the following series on Wondrium:

History’s Great Military Blunders and the Lessons They Teach, presented by Gregory S. Aldrete

The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World, presented by Robert Garland

Renaissance: The Transformation of the West, presented by Jennifer McNabb

Thinking about Religion and Violence, presented by Jason C. Bivins

Years That Changed History: 1215, presented by Dorsey Armstrong

Table of Contents:

00:00 Who Were the Knights?
04:18 How Knights Trained
09:24 Chivalry and Brutality in the Time of Knights
12:10 Templars, Knights Hospitaller, and Teutonic Knights
17:54 The End of the Knights’ Reign


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