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The Steele Dossier: Pure Democratic Farce

The media has told us for years that , the former British intelligence agent turned opposition researcher for Hillary Clinton, possessed impeccable credentials and unique powers of research and insight. Reporters spoke about the “” in hushed and reverential tones. But now it is a source of enormous embarrassment to the media, , and anyone else who took it seriously. As the Wall Street Journal reported this week, Steele’s supposedly damning file on Trump–Russia collusion turns out to be nothing more than outlandish gossip traded among Hillary’s supporters.

In retrospect, it is clear why the media went berserk over Buzzfeed’s publication of the dossier. Before that moment, reporters could make ominous references to Steele’s alleged findings. But the moment they were published, the shoddiness of them became evident for all to see and reporters could no longer use Steele’s dossier as a weapon against

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