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The Ruckus over Roe is Just Another Racket

by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

Roe v. Wade is more than a civil rights issue. It’s more than a political football. It has always been a litmus test for the Democrats’ perception of its chances in the upcoming election.

Rarely does it ever come up during off-year, or mid-term elections. They usually save the ‘get out the outraged womyn vote’ campaigns for the presidential elections.

So, to me it is telling that Roe is now big for this election cycle. The Supreme Court could have pushed this off until after the election if they wanted to. The fact that the draft opinion was leaked means the stakes for November are higher than anyone wanted to admit before last week.


Roe has been used to radicalize suburban women politically now for more than two generations. It was a bad decision, and even worse law,

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