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Most people live their entire lives without knowing what I’m about to share with you in this video. And it’s a pity, because if you knew these concepts, it would completely change your entire life.

Now with transformation, with personal development, with law of attraction content, with spirituality, what I’m about to share with you goes not against it, but it shows a completely new perspective on all of this stuff that it’s completely changed my own life.

Now, first off, let me say that the root basis of what I’m sharing with you has to do with understanding that your reality is a direct reflection of what you believe to be true. However, normally what you learn when it comes to the law of attraction, normally what you learn when it comes to personal development is you learn how to shift into a new identity, to a new version of yourself.

And there may be desires that you have and you really, really want something. And you’ll find that the more you want something, the more resistance you create, the more you emphasize that, where I’m at right now is not good enough.

And the thing that I want to point your attention to with all of this, that will change your life
if you begin to look at it like this, is you cannot change the mind from the mind. And the ego, which is the mind, it’s desire is to never be satisfied, to always want more.

So when people wanna attract love, what they do is they say, well, I’m not… I want to attract something out there into here, and they use their mind to do so. But what happens is then they become attached and that resistance blocks that thing from actually just simply coming into their life.

But the thing that I’d like you to become aware of is just how backwards this whole entire system is. They call this the law of reversed effort. That is that the more effort we put into things, the more we try to change things in our life, the more we try to control things in our life, the more we try to get people to like us, whatever it is, the more we try, the worse it actually gets.

And that’s because the more we try, the more we emphasize that right here, it’s not good enough, I need something different. The key to the transformation is realizing that awareness is 90% of all transformation. It’s simply becoming aware. Become aware of the beliefs, the thoughts, the labels, the stories, the people that you’re attached to.

And when you become aware of those, that’s where transformation really begins to start,
because then you can see that the belief you might be attached to, the person you might be attached to, the label you might be attached to, you can see that it’s not actually rooted in reality, it’s something just believing to be true.

Believing that this person’s gonna bring you happiness. Believing that this job is gonna be the thing that you need, this house that you get is gonna be the cure to your happiness, when in fact you could be happy right now.

You have within you the tools, the capabilities to feel good right now by being in the moment, by being here. If you just simply drop the belief that you need the love to be happy, you need the house to be happy, you need the career to be happy, you would release resistance and you would be happy.

And the irony is that then when you’re happy, you will then attract things even easier. You will then notice that these things come as a natural reflection of that new energy. I’ve spent a lot of my life chasing different things, chasing external validation, chasing a certain amount of money or abundance, chasing love.

And as I’ve chased all of these things, I’ve noticed that the more I chase, the further away from it either I feel, or once you get it, if you have a certain dollar amount you wanna make, you make that dollar amount, then what happens is you want more.

And the reason being is because we keep trying to escape our own level of enlightenment, our own level of awareness. And the funny thing about enlightenment is, I think it’s this thing that people put on a pedestal. And enlightenment is just this present moment right now. It’s being present, it’s being here. It’s bringing the awareness into the body with what is.

The mind always wants to figure out what happened or what will happen, and it’s caught up in the stories of the past. So don’t get it mixed up either. A lot of the current challenges and maybe stuck feeling that you have in your life right now, it’s the momentum of past attachment.

That’s it. It’s the momentum of past attachment. And then when you recognize that and you can see and become aware of different things and actually feel what comes up, you then begin to dissipate that energy.

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