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The Long Tradition of London-Wall Street Sponsorship of Nazis

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There is a reason why the usual plodding, bumbling and tone-deaf Biden administration moved with such speed to “pause” the installation of the absurdly-named “Disinformation Governance Board” (DGB) as a censorship agency run by the Department of Homeland Security — and it is not the fear of widespread ridicule which was aimed at their choice for director, Nina Jankowicz.  The whole point of setting up this operation was to use censorship to protect a dirty little secret, which was endangered by the clumsiness of the roll-out of the agency, which is the century-long deployment by the City of London-Wall Street run security, intelligence and diplomatic networks of a “Nazi international” to run dirty operations in service of their geopolitical goals.

Chief among these goals today is to use Ukraine, and the Nazis in the Ukrainian security and defense agencies, as a battering ram, to inflict

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