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The Last Shot

You’re in a dream. In this dream you’re a coach. Your team is in the championship game but is behind by a point, 8 seconds to play. Your ball is at half court.

Time has been called, and you’ve huddled up your squad and are ready to designate a final play and a player who will take the last, possibly game-winning shot.

You look one by one at the players gathered around you: Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, , Paul Pierce, Steph Curry, and, for the old-schoolers among us, Jerry West and Sam Jones — did I mention this was a dream? — all clutch players, accustomed to launching the big shot.

Every one of these players is brimming with confidence, with brio, is possessed of steely eyes and hearts of courage. Every one will look you in the eye and

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