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The Inhumanity of Compulsory Virus Control


In the last week, some of the top spokespeople for lockdowns, and all that is associated with that of pathogenic control, have come out to defend them plus threatening more now that we are seeing seasonal increases in cases. 

It’s almost as if they have learned nothing. 

They certainly haven’t admitted error – Bill Gates will never do that – despite all the carnage all around us. It includes not only destroyed businesses and educational losses but also inflation, goods shortages, weakened financial markets, broken supply chains, social and political conflict, and countless broken lives. 

All of this traces to lockdowns, a policy advocated and enforced by specific people, mostly powerful and highly paid intellectuals, and amplified by the media. 

They say that no one could have known. Not so. Drs. Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Gupta, Atlas, Tenenbaum, Risch, McCullough, Urso, Dara, Wolf, Oskoui, Ladapo and other

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