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The Garraway getaway

Liz Collin’s Alpha News story exposing the fraudulent story retailed by Toshira Garraway about the death of her fiancé, Justin Teigen — supposedly beaten to death by the St. Paul police in 2009 — deserves the clichéd appellation “bombshell.” Liz quotes Garraway in a local interview: “They caught him. They beat him to death. They threw him in the garbage…” Etc., etc., rinse, wash, and repeat.

Liz reports: “Teigen’s name has made it as far as the State Capitol this session with a potential law that would change the statute of limitations against police officers, all based on a lie, according to the evidence and those who know the case well.”

Garraway has been telling her story for years to Minnesota lawmakers as well as local and national media cameras. It was too good to check. However, Liz concludes that the story Garraway has been telling is Not True,

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