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Surveillance Cameras Use AI To Detect Guns

Please Share This Story!Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is a demonstrated need to do so. Total surveillance is their opioid, data collection is their addiction. Worse, there are no ethical boundaries or moral standards that keep technocracy in check. ⁃ TN Editor

It’s just a simulation, but it feels real, as the employee carrying out the demonstration inside Actuate offices in Midtown Manhattan walks in carrying a mock AR-15 rifle.

In a matter of seconds, after the employee is visible in the office space, a surveillance camera in the room goes into action.

A green flash pulsates across the monitor set up in another corner of the room after the video management system recognizes a potential threat in the room.

“As you can see it’s pulsing green within about a second or two. That means an alert has been registered,” says Actuate CEO and co-Founder Sonny Tai. “Our model has

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