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Superyacht Owned By Russian Billionaire 'Goes Dark' In Caribbean

A superyacht owned by Russia’s second-richest citizen, whose oil/gas company has been a target of Western sanctions, has gone dark in the Caribbean. 

According to Bloomberg data, the 85-meter (279 feet) long Pacific, owned by Leonid Mikhelson, turned off its automatic identification system, or AIS, in the Caribbean Sea on May 8. 

Pacific’s true destination is unknown. There aren’t many countries in the Caribbean that are friendly to Russians except for Cuba or Venezuela. 

“It’s inconceivable that Russian oligarchs would consider the Bahamas a safe jurisdiction given its close ties to the United States — not just in terms of location but in terms of its law enforcement cooperation.

“It’s very puzzling that a vessel likely to experience sanctions enforcement would risk turning up in the Bahamas, but it’s more likely it will turn up somewhere else nearby that’s more friendly

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