You are currently viewing Stock Market Disaster: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Some Stocks

Stock Market Disaster: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Some Stocks

Description: "Good news is not good enough," from earnings reports to positive economic data with weighted market uncertainty being at the center of it all, says Chris Versace, Chief Investment Officer of Tematica Research. "We’re almost seeing a repeat of the first quarter in 2020," he tells our Daniela Cambone, "but the catalyst is different." "Consumer inflation-fighting stocks are a great safe haven and are companies with an elastic business model," Versace continues when asked about the best place to store money over the next year. He predicts that a "mini-supply chain issue," will arise once China finds its way out of the current Covid resurgence. Due to the Fed facing a lag in the implementation of monetary policy, a soft landing is not likely, Versace concludes.

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00:00 The Fed’s 50 basis point hike and its repercussions
3:22 Will the stock market rebound from here?
7:31What will change after the Fed begins to reduce its balance sheet?
8:31 Persistent supply chain issues
8:57 U.S. dollar continues to strengthen
9:48 Is a recession coming?
10:38 Will the Fed be able to save the market?

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